It’s probably not the first day of the rest of my life.


I think tomorrow is going to be the day. Tomorrow is the day everything happens. Today is the day that I eagerly await a brighter tomorrow! I’m so excited, the anticipation … it’s almost overwhelming.

I heard my son up for school this morning at 5 am. Course I called up to him (two-story) “Go back to bed!” He started classes last Thursday so he still has plenty of nervous anticipation. At 6:15 am he reluctantly rolled out of his warm bed. But that’s the thing. He did roll out of bed.

There is something so innocent about being nervous for school. So sweet for a young person to be apprehensive about what clothes to wear, how to walk, who to sit by,  even how his voice sounds. It’s sweetly sad, the best, most-heartbreaking kind.

With my daughter, I’d have gone back to her room three times and the third trip back I would not have been nice. Those two are like the moon and the sun, in the same orbit but opposite paths. Daily I saw DNA mixed with a dollop of parental expectation work its magic – till my first boo moved out this summer anyway.

Oh, by the way I am FULLY aware that I should have stopped waking her up when she was about 12. Get out of bed herself or suffer the consequences. Yep. I know that. I did her a disservice. Thing is, her alarms always broke. It was mysterious. Should have said, “tough luck” and let her figure out how to fix her clocks. Let her develop a work-around. Yep. Should of done that.

Didn’t. It is with great modesty I say that was one of my many mistakes. I didn’t give her the best head start on life because I was too weak to let her fail. It was recently discovered, however that she can wake up on her own and get to where she needs to be on time. It is like a miracle and I fully expect the Pope to text me (he can find my number can’t he?) any day because he is going to issue a proclamation or a decree or whatever Popes do when declaring a miracle.

HR spent part of the summer in New York. That’s right. She had to get herself up and go to acting classes on the subway no less. She did it. But right now she is in San Diego with her dad and Nana and guess what. The dang clock in her room? It’s broken. My boy? The one who hardly slept last night? He went to school, to classes he does not like and plans on coming home to take a nap. He plans like that.

Moon and sun. Each has its own special light.


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