Impending Doom and Fizzy Water


An e-mail snuck my way about an impending sun-sponsored disaster coming December 12, 2012. You’ve heard that the Mayan calendar stops in 2012, thus signaling the end of the world. This e-mail contained a video from a site called Townhall Spotlight. The video is narrated and contains charts detailing natural disasters that have ended countless lives the past 8 years or so.

This includes deadly tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and volcanoes. Ouch. In the video I learned that solar tsunamis are slated to rain upon the earth, shredding our earthly existence. NASA is, by the way, fully aware of our impending doom.

A few things came to mind as I watched:  I need to stock up on bottled water and some of those flavored fizzy powders. Buy lots of canned corn because it will give me vitamins and satisfy my sweet tooth and I need some lights that don’t depend on electricity because I’m a little bit afraid of the dark. Plus how will I put on my concealer if I can’t see?

This threat to Mother Earth reminds me of when E, my son, was about 8 and learned in school that earth’s resources were finite and they were being squandered.

“Why are you doing that?” he hissed at me on the way home from elementary school.

I didn’t want to let on that I wasn’t in charge of the world, so I quickly mumbled something unintelligible. (Good parenting!) But it was hard to see his disappointment and dawning realization that life wasn’t limitless and that mom might be fallible.

He voiced concerns for a few months. But eventually his fear receded. Concern about dwindling supplies of water, clean air and electricity were replaced by the Wii. Just when it seemed the only thing I had to worry about was the narrowed synapse pathway he must be forming due to too much You Tube, we find out the world is ending in 2012.

Jeez, a parent just can’t catch a break. We heard about the end-of-the-world prophesy on the radio. “What would you do, mom?” he asked, a little nervous.

Just keep living’ I told him. What else am I going to do? Remember the hullabaloo at the turn of this last century? People bought generators and stocked up on water anticipating a cataclysmic computer crash that would affect almost all aspects of our lives.

That baloney wasn’t even on my radar.  But this latest baloney is sounding a little blip. “Natural” disasters are infiltrating our lives with increasing frequency. Can’t ignore it.

So what can I do? I recycle. Yep. A lot. I kiss my babies, and I try to apologize when I should, which is way more often than I like to admit. I donate to The Humane Society and I usually put clothes out for the veterans to pick up. Plus, I think about poor people a couple of times a week.

As the end-of-days approaches I might stockpile necessities and make sure there is plenty of clean laundry. And get a good book. But not the guy’s book who made the video. That’s the funny thing. At the end of the video you find out the narrator is hawking his book; it has all the answers to surviving the coming apocalypse!

Maybe a solar tsunami isn’t all humanity has to worry about.


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  1. Ya, waay back in the ’50’s we had the same doom and gloom theories going around, only about the “A” bomb. Everyone built cellers and stocked up on water and canned goods (bet some of them still exist in those cellars). A few decades later when nothing happened and the “cold war” ended we had to have something to take its place, so why not natural disasters to end the world?

  2. RE: the guy’s book – That’s a pretty optimistic outlook. The end is coming … but you can survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic world!

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