Funny is as Funny Does


While driving home from school with my son today he was able to enjoy some of my humor.

When we pulled around the corner into our court there was a big black crow standing in the gutter in front of a neighbor’s house.

“That bird has been waiting for you,” I told my 15-year-old.

He grinned.

“Why?” he said.

“He wants to tell you our families are related,” I said.

But, as usual I was so taken with my own joke it was hard to get the words out without laughing. I had to repeat it twice. Roseanne Barr, the comedienne who became famous with her domestic goddess bit and went on to TV fame and fortune, also used to laugh at her own jokes. I totally get that, if it’s funny you laugh, right?

EJD laughed with me though, kind of against his will. But he couldn’t help it.


When EJD was 6 I had a story going for about a year. I said I was a superhero named Goat Mom and I flew around the neighborhood at night. As Goat Mom I knew everything about everyone. A six-year-old thinks his mom knows everything anyway, so I was just feeding the dream.

Had I told the bird family joke to my daughter she might have rolled her eyes and said, “Oh Mom.” Patience and exasperation at the same time.

My daughter is funny, I used to think she might grow up to be a comedian herself. Her imitation of Oprah is spot-on and I’ve seen her roll on the concrete just to get a well-deserved laugh.

Had my husband heard my bird joke he’d have said wryly, “You’re easily amused.”

Trying to get a complete sentence out of my son these days is challenging. It’s hard to think of things to say. Can’t do, “What was your best class today?” Because that pulls out “Nothing.” or “Lunch.” I can’t say “Who did you sit with at lunch?” I’ve certainly tried it. That brings forth, “People.” “Who?” I’ll prod. “You don’t know them.”

And on it goes.

But we had a little winner today. After the first quiet few minutes when he got into the front seat he said, “I was funny today.”

“Really!” I said. “When?”

“All day,” he said. There was triumph on both our faces.

To me, that is almost as good as “I got an A on a test today!”

That said, I’ll say just a little more: I love the funny in life. Read the comics every day and sometimes laugh out loud. EJD reads the comics also, but I rarely hear a chortle from him though he will call my attention to a good strip. In days past, years gone by, I wanted to be a comedy writer. Now, I just value the funny.

Both my kids are funny and my husband gets a laugh from me almost daily. Even when I’m mad, he can be dang funny.

But he’s not funny all the time. Being with someone who is funny all the time is like being with someone who wears the same color everyday, it is boring and that person is afraid to take chances.

P. S. I’m having shoulder surgery tomorrow so won’t attend my blog for a bit.


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