Beauty contests and car washes


Phew! I voted myself best looking today!!

What was that? Congratulations? Yes, thank you. I’m a little shy about it. Not too much, but a little bit.

There is that one pimple on my forehead that refuses to retreat, that’s why if you see me you might first notice the green band aide above the middle of my eyes. Star Fighter Fox Mouse is the cartoon character on the band aide, it was left over from when my kids were small and thought band aids were cooler than iPods.

Anyway, back to my award: I am so excited! First, today I am going to drive around in my car with the windows open. The sound pouring from my vehicle is my singing voice so don’t call in the Air Force or the Housewives of New Jersey. I said I won best looking.

After about an hour of slowly winding my way through some of Charlotte, North Carolina’s finer residential streets singing loudly as my frizzy hair wafts in my open window’s breeze I will stop and sign some autographs. I’ll tweet my location so be on the look out!

I’ve been accused of being a real thinker, and to honor that dialogue that I overheard when I was trying to decipher if I was looking at apples or pears in the supermarket, I am going to drive around with some car cleaning materials such as a big sponge from Wal-Mart, soap, a big bucket and a shammy. Then, when I do stop I will offer to let some on-lookers wash my car!

I know. I know. Wipe your tears because I did think of it first.

When my car is spotless (I’ve owned it for three years and never had it washed, I wonder if Guinness World Records is interested? What a joke. Of course they are.) I will then venture over to a certain car painting business because, drum roll please I am going to have my face painted on the side of my car! With my new title, natch.

Actually I found a coupon last week for reduced rate car painting. The coupon is in Spanish but thanks to the two Spanish classes I dropped out of and the French class I almost completed in high school I could understand almost the whole thing. MY life keeps getting better and better!

Here is the note I found: Pintura de su cara de piel a menos que usted nos da dinero. Sentira como un coche por ti.

I am going to get in my car. Even though no one actually per se, “voted” for me I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and God too. I will fill you in on my beauty ride and car wash/painting.

So, so very grateful and excited.


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