Home is where the Boats Go


Certainly yourself comes with you wherever you go. I must say if I am going to be with me anywhere, I want to be with me here. Thankfully, the now 16-year-old son of mine loves it here too. He has even shocked me and his father by taking up surfing … and he loves it.

Loving something gives you a place in the world, I thank the powers that be for our move and for EJD’s new-found passion.

Today is EJD’s first day of high school in So-Cal. As is typical of my son, he wore clothes that made himself unclassifiable, a plain black T-shirt and khaki pants. Starting high school anew as a sophomore is uncomfortable for even outgoing teenagers, which he is not. I can’t wait for the end of the day, everyday for the next month to see how EJD is fairing.

Five houses and a street corner stand between us and a sweeping view of the harbor. Walk the other direction and an always crowded little beach-style restaurant hosts surfers, children, grandparents and families. It’s as if I live the life I always wanted, and never thought I could.

I can walk to the post office, my doctor’s office, the grocery store … you name it. Because I have multiple sclerosis and North Carolina bleeds humidity I never went outside during summer. Heat is an enemy to those with MS. But here, I go outside every day. I don’t hate where I live anymore.

Four of the 6 week ends we have lived here relatives and friends have ventured up or down the highway to stay in our condo by the beach. That is almost equal to the number of weekends we had visitors to our home in North Carolina. Slight exaggeration there, not by much though. My 19-year-old daughter has been here 3 times, bringing laundry every time – as she should. I love it.

Not to brag and say now we have it made. Trials and tribulations are over. No no no. Pain, confusion and struggle are part of human existence. My existence is now where it belongs though and that makes every difference in the world.

*I will add numerous photos soon.


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  1. Good to know sacrifices and belt pinching are finally bringing the happiness all of you/us deserve. Took a long time but worth the wait.

    • Well, the belt pinching was forced upon us, but we landed on our feet it seems!

      http://mommistakes.com Please stop by and read my blog.Thanks!

      From: mommistakes >To: alisonathome@yahoo.com >Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 3:21 PM >Subject: [New comment] Home is where the Boats Go > >Nanna commented: “Good to know sacrifices and belt pinching are finally bringing the happiness all of you/us deserve. Took a long time but worth the wait.”

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